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How To Change The Wi-Fi Name (SSID) On Netgear Routerlogin.net Admin

Without using the Wifi SSID name, you can’t access routerlogin.net. And if you don’t secure this, anyone can use this detail to use your Wifi internet.  To secure internet access from unauthorized users, it is necessary to change the Wifi SSID name of your Router.  The Preset Wireless Settings SSID name and the secret key come with your router. Although these details are unique and secure still some users seek to change it. In order to change Wifi name SSID name, a user should access routerlogin.net admin page: 

Using the preset wireless Settings, connect to the Wifi network.

Open the web browser and type the routerlogin.net. You can also type IP address but you can use only one address.  If one is not working then use another address alternatively.

Now confirm the Netgear Router Password. The default routerlogin  password is:

Username: admin

Password: password

Type these details in small letters. when confirmed click on  the  login  and you will reach to  routerlogin.net admin page

Wi-Fi SSID Name

In the main menu there is an option of Setup > click on the Wireless Settings,

The page will open as displaying below window:

You will have to make the changes as given in the image. The first option will appear to change the wireless network that is your username. You can replace it with any personal name.

Click on the Security Options and select the WPA2-PSK and this will appear the ‘Passphrase’ option at the bottom. The passphrase is the password of your wifi network that you can change and keep it secure.  

Click on the Apply. This will save the settings and make all the settings applicable soon.  

Suddenly your device will disconnect from the router and you have to re-connect your router using the Wifi SSID Name and Password that you recently changed on Routerlogin.net admin page. Similarly, in future whenever you find the need to change the Wifi SSID name and Password then you can change the details using the settings as given above. Make sure to keep your password secure from the unauthorized users.

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